MedTech and Wearables

This week I decided to look into the trends happening in the MedTech industry further and dig out some recent stats in consumer wearables. I came across a white paper posted by IQVIA on the rise of the global Medical Technology, and the findings presented in it are quite astounding. According to the source, the MedTech industryContinue reading “MedTech and Wearables”

What’s this word?

Have you ever tried teaching your child to read syllable by syllable or connecting letter by letter? Did that work? I found it quite frustrating with my son. In fact, there is no such thing as connecting letters. The way my son reads is by memorizing the entire word…and that is the only way. OneContinue reading “What’s this word?”

Pandemic Times

How do you manage your child during these uncertain summer days? Ever since schools closed down, and parents turned into teachers, barbers, school friends, storytellers, arts and crafts makers, and being full-time employees or worse, losing their jobs and turning into stay-home parents, the day-to-day life became chaotic. My mornings got filled with quick breakfastsContinue reading “Pandemic Times”