AI assistants

They have many names – virtual assistants, smart assistants, digital assistants, AI agents, and such – but they are here today to serve a human. Specifically, to amplify our thinking, heighten our creativity, provide physical and intellectual help when needed, speed up and scale lengthy and bulky operations, personalize our experiences, etc. These days youContinue reading “AI assistants”

Accessibility and Assistive Technology

Recently I stumbled upon an accessibility internship that made me think more about the term accessibility and how profit, non-governmental and governmental organizations go about it. Accessibility means opening doors to all types of individuals with different physical and mental abilities. It can be a program, a product, or an experience that welcomes anyone who wants toContinue reading “Accessibility and Assistive Technology”

Remote Learning

This school year won’t be anything like what we used to have. Parents are stressed out and drowned in uncertainty; kids are worried that they won’t have the same friends in their new classrooms or that they would not be able to maintain friendships or makes new ones. Statista‘s July survey of over 300 parentsContinue reading “Remote Learning”


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